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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  August 6, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a modern day marie antoinette. we'll mix it up. just out of college. no jobs, no prospects. what are you going to do? a young american who outsourced himself to india. the show starts right now. ♪ 50 years later the company store is in china along with jobs. today's job report not good news for the country or those out of work. the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.5%. that was the good news. only 71,000 new jobs were
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created in the private sector. and add that to the labor department's downward rescission of june's job growth to 31,000. and news that thousands more have dropped out all together. you get a dismal picture from employment and america. word that the president's most optimistic adviser is leaving. it's good news too to be growing again at a robust 3.5%. it safely created about 2 million jobs. that's an important accomplishment. >> we have a beautiful spring day. we do have positive jobs numbers. i am not worried about a double dip. we see sort of slow, study employment growth in the private sector. >> or not. christina romer was leaving.
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she said she was frustrate that had she didn't have as much access to the president. with larry, the sinking ship summers whispering in the president's ear, it's no wonder the economy is still in the tank and the banksters have all the money. it's by design, after all. so we're all acutely aware of the situation. we even know where the problem rests. but how do we turn things around? we have a professor at the smith school of business at the university of maryland. professor, what could the government be doing? what could the political establishment be doing to crete jobs that they're not? >> businesses need customers to create jobs. huge trade deficit with china and the regional banks stid burdened by toxic assets. we need to get china to revalue the currency and put a tax to simulate the effect and get americans making more products at home. we need a bad bank resolution trust to recapitalize the 8,000 regional banks to loan money to
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small businesses. and the president has to back off all the increased tacks, more regulation. and finally do something about health care costs. businesses find it too expensive to hire employees. they can't get customers. >> let's go issue by issue starting with chinese slaves to boost profitability while gdp growth once led to job reags i can outsource to chinese slaves some place else. automat mating and getting rid of jobs or financial gambling. it's good for profitability but
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doesn't create jobs. is that a fair observation? >> well, nour not expressing it the way an economics professor would but most of the growth has been on wall street from trading. if the economy issing at 2% a year, they can cover that by essentially increasing productivity. you don't have to hire anybody. and they take the money they got and invest in china. the president greeted a environment that's great for general motors. basically, this is the outsourcing administration. >> if we were to come to understand that, and stop believing that oh, well, gdp is our answer. the president and tim geithner are managing for gdp when it's a function of things that don't largely create much in the way of work. or at least not good work for americans. how do we shift to an economic
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model that creates great jobs and investment for americans? >> we need to recognize that american worker can't compete with chinese workers if the currency is undervalued by 40% or 50%. they're permitted to maintain huge tariffs trying to get in there. they subsidize the exports and imports competing goods. if china won't stop, we ought to put a 40% or 50% tax on the conversion. let them compete if they stop intervening in the currency market, we'll tax the tax away. let's give american workers the chance to compete. he's dumped $3 trillion between the t.a.r.p. and federal reserve lending to recapitalize the new york banks. he hasn't done anything for the regional banks. one thing i know i'll get tomorrow morning in the "wall street journal" is the control of the currency or the fdic has closed a few more small banks that loan money to small businesses. that's what this administration
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does. close small banks and subsidize citigroup. he got the guy at bp fired. blank fine, diamond, they're all still in their jobs, even though they cause more economic reck and ruin than bp did. but they generously give to democratic candidates. the president was up there raising money last week. talk about cynical behavior. the gdp is up $170 billion in the last year, and wall street paid out $140 or $150 billion in bonuses against $300 billion in increased rofts. all the gdp growth is on wall street. the rest of the country is going to heck. >> professor, now you sound like me. stay with me for one second. there may not be jobs in the country, our administration may be working to subsidize debt while it taxes labor, but is a relief of a different sort on the way for millions of americans? is it a good idea? will it create jobs.
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hold on one second, professor. all abuzz today is a story driven by our next guest reporting. he says president obama may, in fact, be poised to give main street its own gigantic bailout, relieving underwater mortgage owners. jim is the substantiate managing editor. what is the speculation? >> the buzz was the same. my sources on wall street and my sources here in washington that the obama administration was considering what can only be called a massive homeowners bailout to help take care of some of the underwater mortgages. we have $800 billion of negative equity out there. $20 million understood water mortgages that they would wipe away some of the debt. i'm not sure how many jobs that created. i'm sure if i had some of mine gone it would be happy. right now they want to do something about the academy
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economy. they can't get anything through congress. so they have to focus on things they can do without congress. this would be one of those things. there's been some pushback on treasury, i'll admit, but i think it's viable. >> what would debt cancellation to try to address the underwater mortgages do to the economy in your view? >> i don't know that it would do a lot for housing prices. it would cause people to spend more money again. but how would they spend it? they're underwater because they borrowed too much in the past. are they going to run up their credit cards again and create another crisis? this president doesn't seem to get it. americans need jobs plaking products bought here he can do something about it. he's going to have to run the prining presses like the dickens to pay off the mortgages. he doesn't have to print a
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single dollar to deal with china. standing up to china is tough work. this president talks tough in a room full of his supporters. they're not so tough standing up to their equals. >> do you agree, jim? >> i would love the view going after china. that was going to bring millions of jobs back to the united states. i think there's precious little evidence that that would actually happen. >> hold on. precious evidence that we would do it or precious evidence -- >> we have no interest in doing it. there's no evidence that a massive reevaluation is suddenly going to bring all these jobs back to the united states. i'm not sure i coulden find too many studies other than those financed by the labor unions that will come up with that. >> i don't know that i agree. basically it would change prices. there's a lot of evidence from the last -- >> hold on. >> i let you talk.
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i let you criticize me. remember what i told you about behaving. now -- >> i'm not sure what that means. >> it would raise the price of chinese goods. and as a consequence, it would make american goods more competiti competitive. we wouldn't be making t-shirts in america, but it could bring back the production of certain auto parts and more sophisticated electronics and things like that. the cost of shipping a ton of steel across the pacific is greater than the cost of labor to make the steel. china would not export steel to the united states but for the currency. we won't export buicks to china between the exchange rate and the tariff on cars, it doesn't make sense.
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>> i'm going to take issue with the base premise that dylan brought up a minute ago. which is that gdp growth isn't isn't going to produce jobs. that was a theory. but they reevaluated howgrowing. the problem is still ultly not that we have an economy creating jobs, we have an economy not growing fast enough. if it was growing faster, we would see more jobs. that relationship still holds. maybe not quite as tight as it still used to. 1.7%. that's not going to get you anything. >> you know i disagree with you. i said as much prior. i see gdp being produced through robots and chinese slaves. we know my rhetoric. take a look at the unemployment charts of past recessions.
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i think we have a chart that shows so-called mean reversion or turn of the business cycle. all the lines showed various recessions since world war ii where there's a falloff in unemployment. there's there's a resumption in employment that follows thereafter. that's a timeline underneath that. the red line is the one matters. this recession we're losing jobs and basically still losing or adding jobbed as such a tepid rate that we're unable to create enough work for people as they come online. in the past i had to hire people to make money. now i look to chinese slaveries and robots to make money. what m a i missing there? >> well, i can't stee the chart. i will say that also by historic standards, the recovery, the economic growth part of the
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recover has been maybe 1/2, 1/3 of what we've seen in previous recoverie recoveries. the administration is surprised. they thought how just how unemployment collapsed back in 2009, but an unexpectedly large degree, that we would see a reversion this time around by this point in the recovery. they really expected for the unemployment rate to drop. >> isn't that where they're fundamentally wrong. the white house belief that we're going to revert to a historical mean is where they have been the most wrong the entire time. i believe we're in path dependent scenario. what we do is different this time. what we do because of the robots and the chinese savory has a real impact. this has been a great conversation. i want to offer one measurement that peter offered for all of us to this think about going forward. how many jobs, and this is peter's math to get to 6% unemployment, how many jobs do
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we have to create each month to move back to full employment? by peters' math, 320,000 jobs per month over the next couple years to get there to put today's number in context. we'll run the meter for the month that was july of 2010. and we're sputtering along here at a net level of 12,000 jobs. we'll come back in the future and talk about how the numbers come to be. it's something to measure in terms of robustness. pooetder, thank you for the conversation. jim, thank you as well. wonderful. we're going to take a momentary break. coming up here on "the d.r. show, what's wrong with the first lady taking a quick trip to europe? well, plenty for some on the right who say taxpayers are footing the bulk of the bill. can't michelle just have a life? [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done?
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we're back. time to mix it up with the day's other headlines. controversy over the first la lady's pricey trip to europe. and continuous battles between the parties about how to create jobs for america. when they both work for the banksters and outsourcers, can
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anyone be trusted? >> we start with michelle obama's trip to spain. the estimated cost of a room is between $500 and $2,500 per night. the white house says the costs are coming out of the obama's own pockets. however, you the taxpayer are paying for her flight on board air force 2, which costs about $7,300 to fly to spain. which a little bit more than first class airfare. we're also paying for secret service protection and staff. no budget line on that. one conservative columnist calling her the modern day marie antoinette. she lived a pampered out of touch life. and she famously said let them eat cake when told there was no bread and her suggest subjects were starving. friends of the show, both. matt, your thoughts on the marie antoinette scandal developing in d.c. >> personally, i don't have a
4:20 pm
problem with it. we've seen other first ladies, nancy reagan criticized for her dresses. we've seen other first ladies criticized for redecorating the white house or china. i don't buy into this populous cards. i don't think it's a problem personally. politically it is a problem. this is a 9.5% unemployment rate out there. times are tough. from a political standpoint, this is not good. >> you agree, whether you think it's a distraction or not, lanny? >> people are concerned about their jobs. and the economy. and i don't really think that they're going to blame michelle obama for their absence of a job. >> yeah. not when you can blame the chinese slaves, robots and bank gamblers. we have the three best villains in town. the president playing spin
4:21 pm
doctor hailing the job report as a good sign for the economy. despite no change in the unemployment rate. a loss of more than 100,000 jobs and the need to add 320,000 to begin the process of getting back where we were with that said. here is the president on the jobs market. >> climbing out of any recession, much less a hole as deep as this one takes some time. we have now added private sector jobs every month this year instead of losing them. as we did for the first seven months of last year. that's a good sign. >> remember the chart i showed you about the job losses for this recession? you get it. meanwhile, house republican leader john boehner saying welcome to the reality. a play on tim geithner's new op-ed welcome to will recovery. he said after the resignation of
4:22 pm
a chief architect of the trillion dollar stimulus, it's time for president obama to listen to the american people and stas up to the fact that his stimulus policies are not working. i'll go back to a question i posed coming into this segment, matt lewis. can the americans trust either party to carreate jobs when bot are in favor of chinese slaves, robots, and bank gambling. >> i don't know that the american public should place their trust in a part. i place my trust in solid economic principles. the worst thing for an economy is unpredictability. that's what we have now. things like the health care bill. we were promised the stimulus would keep the unemployment rate from going above 8%. that hasn't happened. we need to stimulate entrepreneur shi entrepreneurship, investment. we saw the 1990s with the tech boom. we need to foster that environment. we're going to raise the taxes,
4:23 pm
the opposite thing we need to do. >> the financial incentives right now are designed to eliminate risks my getting custody of someone's money. prudential getting custody of the life benefits of dead soldiers, and then pay those people a pittance and keep it. or speculate in the credit markets and transfer the risks. you can get much richer investing in that. >> the incentives are messed up. >> how do you create incentives to invest in a country when you get richer stealing from it? >> i'm not a republican. i'm not a democrat. i'm a capitalist. i'm trying to get lending eaj investment for for jobs.
4:24 pm
>> my answer is it's tough. i would rather have barack obama tell the plain truth that he's disappointed by these ruls. that this is a really tough job to get us out of the zeep hole and he's trying hard. american people would give him the krelt for telling the truth. >> that's good advice. the only place i would criticize that is considering he just passed a financial reform bill that made too big to fail permanent, didn't deal with the leverage. didn't break up the banks this president had the opportunity to deal with the screwed up incentives created under bush and clinton and decided to legalize it. >> i don't agree with a lot of your reasoning there. i respect you. i know that. but the tough job he's got is
4:25 pm
he's getting shot at by the left that the bill wasn't tough enough and by the right that the bill was too tough. the america we look at today is the most polarized america politically in all the years i've been in washington. >> i agree with that. do you think the problem is people don't understand what capitalism is? they think that in some ways getting rich gambling with other people's money is okay or in some way american. hoarding and gambling is okay as opposed to making lemonade stands and encouraging entrepreneur ship. what happened to the basic american understanding of the need to go ourt and work and solve problems in order to make money as opposed to manipulating a relationship with the government? >> that's a symptom of the problem. the real problem is a failure to be honest and to actually address real problems, and i'll give you one -- we talked about raising the social security age. that's a real thing that ought to be done. but i'll give you another example. this so-called jobs bill that will happen next week where
4:26 pm
they'll take money and try, you know it's basically a payoff to the teachers unions. they're saying they're going to close a loophole. they should fix the loophole we have a worldwide system where you can have double taxation. it creates loopholes and dededuction. the government doesn't want to do real things. instead, we play politics. that's a problem. >> we'll wrap this up, lanny. do what to you attribute the rhetoric and the disapoining if not openly offensive aspect of the policy measures? >> this is a tough job. nobody knows how to solve a deep economic recession like this and create jobs overnight. we're only 18 months in. barack obama has to acknowledge this is a tough job. talk about passing health care. talk about financial reform.
4:27 pm
and the stimulus did in fact prevent us from being worse. that's a tough argument. he has to be honest in se look, this is tough. i need help. i want to reach across the aisle and ask republicans to help me. we're haall in this together. >> they get 40% from the financial industry. and they're still clearly vampiric. if i can steal the money, it's easier than having to work. >> you're the only guy on television that use the word vampiric. >> i can't help myself. it's friday afternoon. my mouth works in the afternoon. in the morning, i don't have much to say. a pleasure, gentlemen. enjoy your weekend. up next, the new normal on the gulf coast. can the region's economy and fishing industry recover? . we'll go live to new orleans.
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invest with confidence. welcome back. bp says the static kill effort has gone swimmingly. for people liing along the coast, this is far from over. the economic impact is devastating. they've been out of work for months. thousand they face the task of convincing a skeptical public that the fish is fine and the gulf is open for business. we're joined by pete gernka. how is the fish? how is the food? how are the oyster beds? >> from what i'm hearing from the oyster men, we have oyster beds in bad shape from the silt from the diversions they opened up to keep the river out. we have some oyster beds that should be in good shape.
4:32 pm
>> what about shrimping? >> well, shrimping, they opened everything up about a week ago. it's opening to shrimping as far as the health department. it's closed as far as the season. we're waiting another two weeks until the season opens up so we can get after them and see if there's anything to have. it's a big guessing game now. if the numbers look right, the damage ain't sz bad as we think. if the numbers are off t damage is there. they did polling asking residents if they think eating the fish is safe. 75% said they didn't think it was safe in louisiana. on average, 65% said they didn't think it was safe. i'm quite certain it was not scientific so much you've been watching tv. you've seen the pictures, would you seat gulf seafood? what is your sense of the safety
4:33 pm
of the vast majority of the fish coming out of the water? >> well, i saw what's been offered to me by d.q. and the department of health and hospitals and fda. all the samples they've taken across the board, whether shrimp, crabs, oysters, what have you, everything is perfectly fine to eat. it's clean. get over what they listen to on the news and enjoy the louisiana seafood. >> somebody was telling me a lot of these animals are incredibly sensitive. if they have any variance from oil spill or gas they dpi. by virtue of catching them alive, they're healthy by definition. is that rational? >> you have some malls that if they do ingest anything like that, they'll die immediately. then you have stuff like crabs and shrimp that the bodies can metabolize the oil, and they'll
4:34 pm
clean themselves out. like i said, the testing is fine. you only have to buy what wow found from the storm. we know we have a baseline, the base on what it should be looking like. everything is looking normal. >> thanks for a slice of your afternoon. and letting me bounce a couple questions off you. pete gerica. president of the fisherman's association. this weekend jeff corwin hosting an event in new orleans. the great american seafood cookoff, if you happen to be in the market to enjoy some shrimp in new orleans this weekend. that's going on. still ahead on "the d.r. show, our daily rant on the controversial mosque being discussed here in new york at grand zero. we'll hear from a friend who says if you don't live in new york, stay out of our business.
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also, where are the scariest, meanest, rudest, cab drivers in the world? they may be waiting outside for you in fact. in today's by the numbers. then a young man down on his luck who outsourced himself to india. should america's unemployed look for jobs in the thirld world? [ brian ] does anyone else have to turn up the volume when they eat wheat thins. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. he will be surprised. tim parker, do you remember when you tweeted: does anyone else have to turn up the volume when they eat wheat thins. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. yes. [ brian ] all right, well guess what pal. straight from wheat thins. no way. we're gonna try this, ready? okay. [ crunch ] [ crunch ]
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today the best and the worst of the world's taxi drivers. do they smell like incense? do you know where they're doing? do you think they're trying to kill you? travelers say the london cabs are absolutely smashing. not so much smashing, but very good. in fact, almost 60% say london taxis are the best in the world. new york's cabs come in number two. tokyo, berlin and bangkok round out number five.
4:39 pm
the taxis, all of them, rated according to driver attitude, bank for your buck, how well they know and how well they actually drive the car. that is the category in which rome flopped. drivers too busy whistling at women and talking their hands. we have a chance in the big l to topple the brits. having gained 10 percentage points. the one area still holding them back, surprise, surprise, manhattan's cabbies. the rudest in the world. kind of like your host sometimes. i apologize. time for man versus internet. you hit me with your comments via twitter. we have a tweet about your dismal unemployment rate and china. the tweet goes like this, 320,000 jobs needed each month to reverse the jobless trend.
4:40 pm
china has the u.s. in a stranglehold. yes, they do. for china they figure if we outsource our unemployment problem to america, they'll just have political problems. if we leave our unemployment problem in china, we may have military problems. a lot of unemployed young men in china scares the government. i think they're happy to make it somebody else's problem. you have something to share, log on now and tweet us your thoughts. log on now. up next here, though, emotions at a boiling point once again over the controversial mosque going up near ground zero. in today's daily rant, we'll hear from our man torre, who says to all the critics, you're not allowed to say not in my backyard if it's not in your backyard. his turn after this. [ water crashing ]
4:41 pm
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welcome bark. getting your feedback via twitter. why don't we give tax breaks for companies that have all their employees here in the usa and tax the outsourcers? well, that would be bad for the gdp, which is made through the profit margins of outsourced chinese slavery, robots and bank gambling. it would be good for employment. but obama white house seems more interested in managing expanding
4:45 pm
the gdp for the few than for great jobs for all americans. if you've got something to share, log on now and tweet us your thoughts. find me at dylan ratigan on the twitter. it's time for the daily rant. the proposed islamic center that may go up has people tore up. you nay know about this. but who really has the the right to give their two cents on the issue, other than new york's own residents? today it's toure's turn to give us his thoughts. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you. look, i've never been so proud of mayor for life miami bloomberg as i was this week when he stood up against the anti-defamation league and sarah pale on the proclaim his support for cordova house, a muslim cultural center built a few blocks for ground zero. the aim is to work towards interfaith tolerance and
4:46 pm
respect. which is why the proximity to ground zero makes rfect sense. it's not going to secretly worship al qaeda. it will welcome outsiders into the 500-seat auditorium, art exhibition stations and swimming pool. anyone who opposes a new swimming pool in manhattan, does so at great peril. new york may need more pools to keep the peace. the argument that cordova house is is too close to where we were attacked by a lunatic fringe fraction of the world is farcical. america is all about religious freedom, and we can't make the vicinity a zone of religious intolerance. what you should be worried about the is message we send the world if a muslim group seeks to foster tolerance and is rejected. i will be opposed to launching an al qaeda training center in new york city. cordova house is far from that.
4:47 pm
holding all muslims responsible for the action of a few is islamic-phobic. to blame islam for 9/11 is to employ the same faulty logic as blaming christians for fatal abortion clinic bombings or to be bad at all jews when woody allen makes a bad movie. the other side of the coin is that this is a local manhattan issue. i like many nighers do not appreciate the nation imposing on new york affairs. especially ex-governors who look down on new york as elitists. just because we think a lot of ourselves, doesn't mean we're elitists. and just because 9/11 was a national heartbreak, does not mean every proposed change and tribeca should be debated on by people who don't know what it means. this is considering a move to
4:48 pm
ground zero. what would sarah palin say about having a temple to high fashion in hollywood at ground zero? dylan, i don't care. >> that was one of my favorite rants so far, first of all. i don't want to be -- my job is to be skeptical. it's what i'm paid to do. but i largely agree with everything you said, with a couple notable exceptions. you asserted there's no way it will be an al qaeda training center. how do we know swimming pool is not secret islamic code for nuclear bomb? >> all i would say to that is the expectation of mistrust that we cannot trust these people. if the christian center said we want to build a big church there. would you say are you using this as a place to house the people -- >> but that's a little bit unfair -- >> why? >> only in the sense psychologically, emotionally that a radicalized faction of
4:49 pm
islam perpetrated an attach very nearby. i'm not saying it's rational. i agree with you. >> islam did not attack us. islamic people attacked us. we can't group the whole thing in together. that's like saying black people are cool. they're not all cool. >> black people didn't attack you. a black person attacked you. don't demonize them all. the expectation this is a trojan horse. come on. that would be worse. let's play that out. oo group comes together and announced we want to create a million dollar building near ground zero instead of buying something that nobody knows about. attract the world's attention. when everybody is looking, we'll release, release the hounds. >> the swimming pool. >> we'll release the swimming tool.
4:50 pm
>> we have kerry radshaw. here's another issue that you touched on that's been concerning me. there are conservatives in the country that represent a conservative ideology that ivy was valuable to the political dialogue that goes to the sort of eisenhower, stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my bank account, separation of business and state. then there's another class of conservatives that is this social regressive magic money tree, fear monger class led by george bush and sarah palin. how it is this social progressive fear monger money tree class led bizarre ra palin and the rest are able to push attention on things like this, and do they do it to distract from the fact that they were largely the architects of the system that has been destroying the country over the past ten years.
4:51 pm
although it was initiated by bill clinton and bob reuben. they had the opportunity to jack it up. >> politically speaking, this is a really easy button to push. especially outside of new york to say look at those elitist new yorkers putting a mosque -- that's -- that's where you get into the language thing. if we call it a mosque, it evokes that particular architecture. people will be chanting. oh, we can not have this. when you think of a muslim cultural center, what's wrong with that? it reminds me of a willy horton. the easy button to push. oh, we're already afraid of black people. we're already afraid of muslims. even though black people are not out of get you. muslims are not out to get you. >> i think sarah palin might think black people and muslims are out to get her. in her own mind. i don't know. it's a pleasure. enjoy your weekend. coming up on "hardball," chris
4:52 pm
matthews will have more on what he's calling barack obama's velcro presidency. troubles sticking to him no matter what he does. or maybe she's just -- anyway. first, what do you do if you have a college degree but no jobs, no prospects and no money? considering the booming market for outsourced slave labor. we'll talk to a young man who found work, graduated in new york last year. he's on the horn. half way around the world. right after this break. there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. you may have heard that oil is no longer flowing into the gulf, but our spotter planes
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and helicopters will keep searching. we've still got thousands of vessels ready to clean up any oil we find. we've skimmed over 35 million gallons of oil/water mixture. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a new liquid gel. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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today we offer you greetings from calcutta. for some it's becoming the new land of opportunity, or at least a place to get a job. this a rough economy many college grads in our own country finding themselveses with very few options for work. . they can either move back home, live off their parents' dime, send out endless resumés, take a job as a pool boy for a bank gambler somewhere, or they can be proactive, like our next guest, and get a job in another country. joining us on the phone live from india, where it is 1:00 a.m. in the morning is andrew hudson. still with us here, where it is 4:56 p.m. in the afternoon in new york is toure. andrew, thanks for staying up. >> caller: my pleasure, dylan. thanks for having me on the show. >> why did you decide to outsource yourself to india?
4:57 pm
>> caller: well, it seemed like a fun idea. and i wasn't getting much done sending out resumés every day. >> why kind of job did you get, and how did you get it? >> caller: i work at a small english language daily newspaper. it's pretty popular in the state. but quite small by any real standards. i've been to i understood ya before about three years ago. i've been studying abroad. and i met the editor of this paper. and journalism is a field in which you really have to know someone to get a job. i happened to know someone in india. there i went. >> andrew, it's toure. how have you grown as a person and culturally living in calcutta? it's an extraordinary city in an
4:58 pm
extraordinary country. >> calcutta is pretty wild. i don't live in calcutta. i live in a much smaller city. being in a different culture, it broadens your sper spective. you meet people who have been exposed to completely different narratives about history. meet people who have been exposed to completely different -- who grew up with completely different standards of luxury. you really learn to understand what you really need for yourself in life. and what the society needs in order to function. >> you live on $10 a week. what kind of a -- what is your standard of living, and how is your salary? >> i think i've got a pretty fine standard of living.
4:59 pm
i have a two bedroom apartment. i have three square meeti inini three meals a day. i have enough spending money to get clothes and go out on the town once a week. and go out to dinner and those sorts of things. my boss takes care of my housing and a couple meals a someday. and gives me about 6,000 ru pesa month. i teach tae kwon do. >> i think there's plenty of opportunities in the developing world for young people who are willing to work and willing to give up some sort of western conveniences. it can be a lot of fun. >> andrew, we compliment you for your courage and spirit of adventure.


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